An ongoing battle of a UX developer

I started going down the rabbit hole of the web design/development career as, well, a web designer. I made things pretty for users. That was »

Downloading PNGs from canvas in Internet Explorer 11

Recently, I was involved in a project that made use of canvas. It was a flowchart type application that needed to export the contents of the »

Clonium Ghost Theme is now available

Clonium is available in my Github repository named clonium. The Clonium Ghost theme is based off of Medium profiles and post pages. At its core, it »

A Blog Redesign Dilemma

I should have saw this coming. Every time I visit my blog to write, I end up getting tired of the design and spend hours creating »

Creating a ruby gem from a Thor applicaton

A couple months ago I started to think about all the repetitive tasks I would do from the command line at work. I was introduced to »